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Ghoul Ecology

During Yoko’s livestream I was reminded of something I almost forgot about in my setting. 

The closest thing I have to a zombie in my setting, and when I mean zombie I don’t just mean undead, I mean as in a mindless, soulless monster, are ghouls.

Ghouls (until I develop a better name for them or whatever) are early versions of abominations back when the process of creating abominations were mass produced on an assembly line. Abominations created in this fashion retained the donor’s original personality and mannerisms. Unfortunately, this is temporary, factory made abominations had a short shelf life as their body started to rot turning them into mindless violent husks of their former selves. Not long after the facilities were shut down and a new more personal method was developed for abominations.

Every now and then you hear about how someone has gone missing near one of those old factories or if you get close enough you can hear the machines still humming from the inside

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WaterBOB 100gal bathtub water jug.

In an emergency with water shortages people are told to fill their bathtubs to have water on hand. but most bathtubs are not clean in an emergency, and the water will evaporate when left open to the air over time.

WaterBOB solves those problems! Holds 100gal of water, fits any bathtub, and has a hand pump to pump out water as you need without wasting any. Keeps the water clean and fresh, FDA approved material and BPA free. Costs less than 20$ and available on amazon.



^^^ that, the hurricane thing, THAT

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Buy the Printed Book - Buy the PDF - Support the Patreon - Donate

Money has been tight for me recently. While I broke even on the two recent comic conventions (and it was awesome meeting new people as well as meeting those who were already readers!) all of that money is going right back into shipping the last international Kickstarter books. Even then, it won’t be enough. I did some poor budgeting and international shipping has really been kicking my butt. It’s a lesson learned, and I expect my next Kickstarter will run much smoother. In the meantime, I need to try and get through this.

I’ve put up an e-book version of Book 1, which you can download through Storenvy or through Gumroad for $4.50.

Book 1 is also available through Storenvy in print, for $20 + shipping. All printed books bought from now until the end of October First (Pacific Coast Time) will be sketched in and signed at no extra charge!

A quick note about Storenvy, by the way! Until recently, one needed to have an account to buy anything through them. That’s been changed, and you can now check out as a guest using most major credit cards or PayPal, no need to sign up for something new!

Thanks for your support, everyone.

A reblog for the night crowd and those getting off work. There’s still about 6 hours to get the sketched-in books.

Thanks so much to those of you that are helping out be it by buying something or by spreading the word!

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Ancient & Magickal Alphabets

Celestial Alphabet/Angelic Script, Malachim, and Passing the River were made up by 16th century German alchemist/astrologer/lawyer/magician/occultist/soldier/theologist Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa.  Theban was created by 15th century German cryptographer/historian/lexicographer/occultist/theologian Johannes Trithemius, one of Agrippa’s teachers.  The Alphabet of the Magi was created by 16th century Swiss German alchemist/astrologer/botanist/occultist/physician/toxicologist Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (aka Paracelsus), another of Trithemius’s students, who rejected Agrippa’s magical theories.

Those, and the two Tolkien made, are entirely fictional and are good to use in most any context. All the others are real alphabets from real cultures — some still used today — so be VERY aware of and careful with them.

More writing systems can be found at Omniglot.

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Happy Halloween 1st everyone! :D

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ChaosLife: Pie Plan
Avoid any social faux pas with this handy chart!
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ChaosLife: Pie Plan

Avoid any social faux pas with this handy chart!


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Just got done watching BoxTrolls

It was cute

weird, but cute :3

I recommend everyone to see it

I mean look at these goofs

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Canned Octopus by Azafran is $12 for a limited time at BustedTees


Canned Octopus by Azafran is $12 for a limited time at BustedTees

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i need need need the library one for my birthday pls pls pls

You can say you’re not in the cake fandom but EVERYONE is in the cake fandom

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Call this an experiment. Reblog if you have OCs that you adore